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I grew up in kansas city living in the outdoors, sitting in my treehouse, playing in the woods, pretending to fly off to another world. I loved every minute of it and I still haven’t stopped loving it. i still love to run off to amazing places and travel (check out my travel bucket list). The only thing that has changed is after a day of exploring i used to want nothing more than to sleep outside in my treehouse but now after a day of exploring I want to go to my air conditioned home take a shower and lie in my cozy bed. A big plate of pasta + dateline + kittens sounds like my ideal night in. but every morning I’m ready to go back out again.

I’m here to have fun. I’m here to explore. I’m here to guide you through the crazy, sometimes stressful, world of weddings. You’re about to be married to the love of your life, you don’t want to waste your time worrying. Let me take the stress off of you and let’s get lost. I love hiking and exploring and adding new chapters to my story while helping you grow yours. I’ll take the lead and you can just sit back and enjoy the ride. This time in your life is meant to be fun and exciting and my job is to do more than just take pictures - it’s to help create memories and capture feelings along the way.  I’m not just a photographer, I’m part of your team. I’ll make sure you’re comfortable so we can have fun and be carefree. To me success as a photographer is capturing who you are as a couple in the most real and authentic way.

I want these to be memories you look back on and cherish because when you think back to this time in your life you’ll remember the excitement instead of the stress. You can walk down your stairs every morning and look up at the pictures on your wall and feel all of the emotion come flooding back in.

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hi, i'm christine

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I love animals of all kind! I have a dog, two cats, a turtle and many fish. i love fostering kittens because I'm always up for kitten cuddles!

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