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mary + charles | fall enchanted rock elopement | fredricksburg, tx

These two decided to elope in the most traditional sense of the word (kind of). They set a date a few months out and planned their adventurous elopement, just the two of them, without telling anyone!

Fall Enchanted Rock Elopement at Golden Hour

They wanted the day to be just the two of them so that they could make the day about them and their love. For them it was all about the experience, the time spent together, and the memories and less about the physical things.

Their first date was an 18 mile hike. Charles proposed after a hike to a secluded beach in Menorca. So it only seemed fitting that they incorporate the beginning and best parts of their story so far into the beginning of this new chapter of their lives. (Although we didn’t hike nearly as far for their wedding day).

Moving from the vast beauty of Portland, Oregon, Texas was definitely a little different but they stumbled upon Enchanted Rock and knew that it was the right spot to tie the knot.

We set a date mid November and prayed that it would turn out to be a good one because with Texas you truly never know!

They got all dressed up - Mary's Watters dress was simply stunning the details were everything!

The week before was cold and wet but when the official day finally arrived the sun was shinning the skies were clear and the weather was perfect. And I mean perfect. Not too hot and not too cold which is nearly impossible to come across in Texas.

Fall Enchanted Rock Elopement at Golden Hour
Fall Enchanted Rock Elopement at Golden Hour First Look

Though there were a decent amount of people at the park (on a Monday no less?) we were able to find a beautiful secluded spot for their ceremony.

Fall Enchanted Rock Elopement at Golden Hour Hiking Elopement

They brought little cupcakes to feed to each other after the ceremony which was literally the cutest thing ever!

Fall Enchanted Rock Elopement at Golden Hour Cupcakes

Then they spent the rest of their elopement day exploring Enchanted Rock like they normally would on any hike!

Fall Enchanted Rock Elopement at Golden Hour Elopement Shoes

This Enchanted Rock elopement was beyond beautiful and truly the perfect day for Mary + Charles!

Dress: Watters

Hair Pins: Anthropologie

Bride's Shoes: Timberland

Groom's Shoes: Doc Martins

Cupcakes: Sprinkles

thinking about eloping at enchanted rock? have questions? let me help!


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