What Does it Mean to Elope?

what does it mean to elope?

So what exactly does it mean to elope?

The first thought that pops into your head is probably the idea of a drunken night ending in running off to Vegas and being married in a little chapel by Elvis. Or secretly getting hitched despite disapproving parents. Or maybe you’re thinking of just heading to the local courthouse and getting married right then and there.

That's not what an elopement is.

In the past, a quickie wedding in vegas may have been what an elopement was but over the years the definition has changed and evolved to represent a different kind of wedding.

The true definition of elope is to escape.

And in a way that's exactly what couples are doing - they're choosing to escape the pressures of wedding planning and falling into the trap of believing that this is the only way to do things.

Eloping is choosing to prioritize what's most important on your wedding day.

Eloping means focusing on getting married to the love of your life.

Eloping means you get to do things your way on your day.

Eloping means you get to slow down and fully enjoy every part of your day without distractions from guests who you went to high school with and their plus ones you’ve never met.

Eloping means escaping from the rest of the world and just being yourselves.

Eloping is a wedding day as special as any other.

Eloping doesn’t mean that you have to throw it together in less than a month. most of my couples start planning their elopements 6-8 months in advance. All of the traditions and parts of the day you want can still be a part of your day. Picking out the dress, tasting the cake, having a first dance. all of that can still be a part of your day. Your day is made special by doing the things you want to do and forgetting the traditions that you don’t want. Eloping doesn’t mean your day doesn’t matter.

The day you get married is special because you get to marry the love of your life.

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