adventurous(ish)elopement &

intimate wedding

investment guide: 2020 - 2021

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your adventure is just beginning 

you deserve a beautiful beginning, to a marriage even more beautiful than your wedding.

Choosing to elope is choosing to make your wedding day about the two of you and creating the most authentic and intimate representation of your love.


This is the day you were meant to have.

I'm here to join you on your biggest adventure yet. Wherever that takes you, count me in to capture your love and guide your path.

Your adventure awaits! 




what i do

I do more than show up and press a button on a camera, this isn't just another day at work for me. I care about every single one of my couples and making sure I capture their important day. I don't do super posed pictures or work off of shot lists, I work off of the emotions in the moment.

I’m here to guide you and help you feel comfortable and natural in front of the camera. To me success as a photographer is capturing who you are as a couple in the most real and authentic way. My job isn’t to make your dreams come true but to capture them as they happen. 

I'm christine, an introverted, slightly awkward, slightly adventurous soul serving other introverted, slightly awkward, slightly adventurous couples who want an intimate, authentic, and stress free adventurous(ish) elopement.


I get it. I want that real, comfortable day surrounded only by the people (and pets) that matter most to me. And I'm committed to making sure that every couple gets the authentic, adventurous(ish) day that was made for them.

My job is to do more than just take pictures - it’s to help create memories and capture your love along the way.

hi, i'm christine!

Christine Pegany Elopement Photographer.

Why do I choose elopements? I chose to photograph elopements over traditional weddings, seniors, families, editorial or any other kind of photography because I am passionate about empowering couples to choose each other on their big day. 

I believe you deserve a day that was made for you. Let me help you make your day a reality.

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why i love elopements

I love elopements because you don’t have to put on a show, eloping allows you to create a day that is 100% authentic and true to your relationship. You have the chance to disconnect from the outside world, and slow down. You truly enjoy every moment of your day, focusing on what matters most: your love story. When you surround yourself only with what matters most it becomes the most sincere, intimate, and genuine day. I love elopements because you get to choose what matters most and makes you happy to celebrate your love.

the experience

I want you to have the best day of your life. It’s not about just one moment it’s about the experience from start to finish. 


Step #1

tell me about your epic dream elopement!

now that you’ve found the one, let’s find out if I’m the right one to capture your love by hopping on the phone for an initial consultation. you can schedule your call right now by clicking here!

Step #2

save the date!

Fall in love with the idea of me being the one to guide you through your journey and sign the contract and pay the retainer.

Step #3

let's plan your dream day

I’ll help with location scouting and finding the perfect spot for your ceremony and all of your beautiful memories. Nail down the timeline with a complimentary timeline consultation to make sure I’m there for all of the important moments.

Step #4

live out your best day ever.

experience the day of your dreams

Step #5

relive it through the pictures

Freeze those invaluable moments in an album or canvas to hang on your wall to remind yourself every day of your love.
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why should you have full day coverage for your elopement?

Your day matters. From beginning to end, and it deserves to be captured. A day that celebrates your love and your adventure in the most authentic way possible takes longer than an hour or two.Your elopement is just as important and special as any other big wedding. You made the choice to have an intimate and authentic day, and that is special. It’s not just about signing the marriage license it’s about your whole day and the precious moments throughout the day that you and your loved ones share. Documenting all of the little things along with the big. Don’t worry it’s not just a full day photoshoot, I’m not just going to drag you around to pose you for pictures. My goal is to capture your real relationship, the focus at all times is going to be on each other not on the camera. Just because you chose to have a more intimate day doesn't mean you have to rush through it. Your day deserves to be captured from beginning to end.

this is the way your wedding day deserves to be documented.

are we a good fit?

The key to any relationship is trust. If you are the kind of person that micromanages and needs me to check in every 5 minutes then we’re probably not a good fit. I will be with you every step of the way leading up to your big day, on your big day, and you’re even stuck with me afterwards so if we don’t mesh well it probably won’t end well. I know it seems crazy for me to tell a potential couple to walk away but you’re putting me in charge of capturing these moments for you. If you can’t trust that I know what I’m doing then the relationship won’t work. 

I'm not the perfect match for every couple. I don't book with every couple who wants to work with me because I truly believe it's really important to fit with my couples. I'm there with you through some of your most real and intimate moments and part of delivering the best images is making sure we go well together. It’s always a little easier to get behind the camera when you feel comfortable with the person who’s taking them. 

​If you're just looking for a good deal then you likely won’t see the value in the experience and the memories I want to capture for you, but that is okay, I want you to love your photographer! I want to offer more than that. 

​If you're head over heels in love, ready to go on an adventure, and get your dress a little dirty we just might be the perfect match.

more signs we're a good fit

1. you love dogs.


2. you love adventure and can’t 

wait to be married to the love of

 your life.


3. you eat a ton of pasta and bread even

though you know you should stop.


4. you want a marriage more 

beautiful than your wedding.


5. you enjoy the finer things in 

life like a good nap from time to 



6. you love dogs 

(again because this is so 


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austin adventure  elopement &

intimate wedding


For elopements taking place anywhere within 75 miles of Austin. Thinking about adventuring out of Austin? Check out the full Texas Investment Guide Here!

I only take on a limited number of elopements and intimate weddings each year to ensure that I can give everyone single one of my couples the care and attention they deserve leading up to, on, and after your special day. 

the explorers' collections


8 hours of elopement day coverage

    >> Let's capture your full story from beginning to end. Your day matters. You can also split up the coverage on the elopement day to get the best coverage of your day.

location scouting

    >> I'll send over a personalized location list based on your vision, with recommendations for ceremony and portrait spots.

permit help

    >> I'll help you with researching permits for your location once we have it set.

vendor recommendations

    >> I'll send over a custom vendor list based on your location.

timeline creation

    >> I'll help with creating a personalized timeline for your day that works best for the two of you.

complimentary consultations

    >> Any other help or questions you have I'm here to help.

250 high resolution fully edited digital gallery

    >> An online gallery of your fully edited, high resolution digital images for you to share with friends and family.

personalized engraved usb

    >> A personalized usb engraved with your names with all of your images on it.


my travel is covered

    >> Travel fees to anywhere within 75 miles of Austin is included. Anywhere in the Austin and Hill Country thats accessible by standard commercial airlines and 2WD car is already covered by me! That includes travel, accommodations, food, gas, car rentals, and any other basic travel fees. There are no hidden extra fees. (If you decide to go on a helicopter or hot air ballon ride it may cost you a little extra!)

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how far in advance should we book you?

I book up to 18 months in advance! The sooner you book the sooner I can start helping you with finding locations, vendors and more!

how long will you hold our wedding date?

I don't hold any dates without a signed contract and a paid retainer.

how do we sign the contract?

I'll send you over an online contract that you can sign on any computer or your phone. Both partners will need to sign the contract.

is there a retainer? how do we pay? do we pay it all at once?

You will pay at the same time that you sign the contract. It's all online and all in the same place so you don't have too much to keep track of. There is a $1000 non refundable retainer which holds your date! The rest of your balance is due 30 days before your event.

do you offer engagement session?

Yes! I do! I offer adventure engagement sessions as an add on to any package. Adventure sessions start at $250 and go up depending on location and time - shoot me an email for the full list and explanation of how engagement sessions work!

do you have insurance?

Yes, of course! Always covered in case of any situation!

what happens if you're sick?

I will do my best to be there on your wedding day come hell or high water. But in the event I am too sick to move I will have an associate shooter take over for me on the day of. I'll still be the one you're communicating with and I'll still do the editing so your pictures will have the perfect warm glow just like the ones on my website!

what happens if your equipment malfuncitions?

I have backups of EVERYTHING! Backup cameras, SD cards, batteries, as soon as we're done with the shoot I back up your. pictures in multiple places as well.

how long will it take to get our pictures back?

It usually takes approximately 6 - 8 weeks for me to go through and edit all of your pictures. Don't worry! I'll send you a sneak peek within 1 week of your big day so you can announce it and show all of your family and friends!

do you edit all of the images? how many pictures will we recieve?

I will edit every single one of the final pictures that are delivered to you. The number of photos you will get back depends on the amount of time I will be there capturing your day!

can we print our own images?

Yes, you can. There is a print release in the contract you sign. I also offer high quality wall art and albums as well if you know you'll never get around to actually printing it yourself!

do you offer albums? how much are they?

Yes! I offer high quality albums that are gaurenteed to last many lifetimes and made to be passed down. The pricing all depends on size, number of pages, cover options and more. Feel free to check out my full heirloom guide here:

- frequently asked questions -

are we a good fit?

let’s chat!


During our phone call, I can answer any of your questions and go over your vision for your day. I’m here to help you find the best fit for your day, walk you through how many hours of coverage you need, go over timelines and figure out the best time for pictures.


I will guide you through the whole process of wedding day photography.